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DateTitleInformation type(s)
21/02/2017Open letter on the European Union Network Code on harmonised transmission tariff structures for gas (TAR NC)
  • Open letters & correspondence
16/02/2017Exploring local energy: A regulator's perspective
  • News and blogs
06/02/2017Regulatory Sandbox: calling for expressions of interest
  • Open letters & correspondence
03/02/2017Upcoming deadline to submit for initial screening for the 2017 Gas Network Innovation Competition (NIC)
  • Guidance
03/02/2017Network Innovation Competition - Project Direction for Future Billing Methodology
  • Open letters & correspondence
03/02/2017Network Innovation Competition - Project Direction for HyDeploy
  • Open letters & correspondence
03/02/2017Gas Network Innovation Competition Funding Direction 2016
  • Open letters & correspondence
31/01/2017Infographic: The energy network
  • Data and statistics
30/01/2017Ofgem’s Future Insights series – Local Energy in a Transforming Energy System
  • Reports & plans
27/01/2017Authority decision to ‘send back’ SPAA Change Proposal 16/347 - Amendments to Prepayment Tariff Pages
  • Decisions
16/01/2017Consultation on proposed changes to The Gas and Electricity (Consumer Complaints Handling Standards) Regulations 2008
  • Consultations & responses
13/01/2017Decision to modify the Funding Return Mechanism in the Network Innovation Competition (NIC) and Low Carbon Networks Fund (LCNF) licence conditions
  • Decisions
11/01/2017UKRN updates stakeholders on cross-sector vulnerability information exchange and distribution project
  • Open letters & correspondence
10/01/2017Letter to the Secretary of State on Social and Environmental Guidance, 2016
  • Open letters & correspondence

Publications and updates

  • Published: 1st Dec 2015
  • Closed: 14th Dec 2015
  • Consultations & responses
  • 11 Associated documents
Informal consultation seeking views on amendments to Standard Special Condition A15 (Agency) of the Gas Transporters Licence.