Modifications to charging methodologies

Modifications to the Gas Distribution Network’s (GDN) charging methodologies or charging statements can be found on this page.

Proposed changes to GDN charging methodologies are progressed through the governance procedures of the Uniform Network Code (UNC) and the methodologies themselves sit within the UNC. These procedures allow all UNC parties, including gas transporters and gas shippers, to raise issues or change proposals to the methodologies in an open and transparent way.

The Distribution Network Charging Methodology Forum is the industry group that discusses charging issues in advance of formal charging methodology modification proposals being raised.

Following completion of a Final Modification Report, change proposals deemed to have a material impact on customers are submitted to us, and we make a final decision on whether to approve or reject such proposals.

Proposals not considered to have a material impact on customers can be implemented without our consent via the UNC self-governance procedures.