Plan for a power cut

Includes who to contact if you need extra help during a power cut, how to report a power cut and if you could claim compensation.

Power cuts usually happen due to:

  • damage to wires, cables and other equipment, for example during a storm
  • work needed to be done to maintain and improve the power network

Know how to report a power cut

If you have a power cut you should report it to your network operator. Your network operator is the company responsible for the wires that carry energy to homes and businesses. Find your electricity network operator on the Powercut 105 website.

If you lose power because of a faulty energy meter, contact your energy supplier.

If you do not know who your energy supplier is view how to find your energy supplier.

Make a plan if people living in your home need extra help

If you or someone living in your home need extra help, you should:

  • tell your network operator, they could give you extra help during a power cut, for example if you rely on your energy supply for medical reasons
  • tell your energy supplier
  • join your supplier’s Priority Services Register
  • check if medical equipment has a backup battery and if so, how long it lasts

If you run a business

Contact your electricity network operator and tell them about your business circumstances.

If you have a gas supply, contact your gas distribution network. You can find your electricity or gas network operator on the Energy networks association website.

Your network operator can help make sure that you still get a power supply during a power cut, for example providing backup generators.

Care and assisted living providers

If you run a care home, care for people living in a care home or their own home, get guidance about planning for a power cut from the Energy Networks Association.

Check if you can claim compensation

You may be able to claim compensation from your network operator if your power supply goes off. It will depend on the reason for the power cut and how long you were left without power. Check if you can claim compensation for energy supply issues.