Number of disconnections for non-payment of debt


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Source: Vulnerability Report 2018.

Information correct as of: June 2018

This chart shows the total number of domestic gas and electricity customers disconnected for non-payment of debt between Q1 2006 and Q4 2017.

Policy Areas:

  • Domestic consumers

Data Table

Number of disconnections for non-payment of debt

Q1 2006213723
Q2 2006226864
Q3 20063621,112
Q4 20064571,157
Q1 20075441,389
Q2 20075821,538
Q3 20076721,462
Q4 20078591,338
Q1 20086981,003
Q2 2008918810
Q3 2008626571
Q4 2008474280
Q1 2009698226
Q2 2009794573
Q3 2009636613
Q4 2009543382
Q1 2010443151
Q2 2010794311
Q3 2010685305
Q4 20106646
Q1 20114420
Q2 2011375146
Q3 2011419128
Q4 20118335
Q1 2012132
Q2 201213833
Q3 201219351
Q4 201210918
Q1 2013709
Q2 201316229
Q3 201326840
Q4 2013566
Q1 201400
Q2 20143112
Q3 201415929
Q4 201420
Q1 201521
Q2 20156320
Q3 201513427
Q4 201551
Q1 201611
Q2 20166831
Q3 20168820
Q4 201601
Q1 201700
Q2 2017130
Q3 201713
Q4 201700

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At-a-glance summary

There has been a long term reduction in the number of domestic customers disconnected for debt. Between Q4 2016 and Q1 2017 the number of disconnections for non-payment of debt decreased to 17 for both gas and electricity from 210 disconnections in the same period the previous year.

Relevance and further information

During winter (October to March) suppliers are prohibited from knowingly disconnecting customers of pensionable age (where they live alone, with other pensioners or with children). Suppliers must also take all reasonable steps during winter to avoid disconnecting premises where the occupants include a person who has a disability or a chronic sickness or a person of pensionable age.

Members of Energy UK also adhere to a voluntary code of practice known as the ‘Safety Net’. Among other protections, signatories have committed to not disconnecting customers in vulnerable situations at any time of year and to reconnecting customers who are subsequently identified as vulnerable as a priority and usually within 24 hours. Compliance with the Safety Net is independently audited. Further information about the code can be found on Energy UK’s website.

Date correct
June 2018
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