Energy Best Deal Booklet 2013-14


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The Energy Best Deal programme seeks to inform domestic energy consumers about how they could reduce their energy costs: by changing tariff, payment method and/or supplier, taking up energy efficiency measures and by providing debt advice. Run by Citizens Advice in England and Wales and Citizens Advice Scotland in Scotland, the programme offers domestic energy consumers and frontline workers (both paid workers and volunteers) the opportunity to attend an information session on getting a better deal on their energy bills.

The Energy Best Deal Booklet for 2013-14 is the main advice tool for advisors and consumers for use during the 2013-14 Energy Best Deal campaign.  It explains:

  • how to reduce your energy costs by switching tariff, payment method or supplier
  • where to go for help if paying your energy bills is a struggle
  • how to save money and use less energy in your home.