Informal consultation on the draft licence condition to implement the Electricity Ten Year Statement in National Grid Electricity Transmission plc's electricity transmission licence

Publication date
12th May 2014
Closing date
9th June 2014
Policy areas

This letter sets out our proposal to modify Standard Licence Condition C11 to oblige National Grid Electricity Transmission plc (NGET) to produce an Electricity Ten Year Statement (ETYS). It follows our initial policy consultation published on 17 December 2013.

The main changes to the position set out in our December policy consultation are as follows:

  • We have changed the date by which NGET must submit its proposed future scenarios to us from 1 June to 31 January;
  • We have reduced the period of time in which we may review the scenarios and direct further work from 42 to 28 days;
  • We have removed the requirement for NGET to consult stakeholders on the future scenarios for a minimum of 56 days. Instead, we expect NGET to find an appropriate form of engagement with its customers and other stakeholders.

We also propose modifications to remove the current obligations to prepare the Seven Year Statement (SYS) and the Offshore Development Information Statement (ODIS) in Standard Licence Condition C11 and Special Condition 2F respectively. We also propose a minor change to special condition 2F.