Fuel Poor Network Extension Scheme Review Consultation Letter

Publication date
14th August 2014
Closing date
31st October 2014
Policy areas

The Fuel Poor Network Extension Scheme (“Scheme”) remains an essential tool to help combat fuel poverty. However, in the recent years we have seen a number of developments in how fuel poverty is being tackled. As part of RIIO-GD1 Final Proposals, we said that we would review the Scheme during the price control period to take account of these developments.

This letter commences this review.

We want to assess how well the Scheme aligns with wider Government strategies on heating and fuel poverty and whether there are any changes we could make that would maximise the benefits it can deliver.

It is important that we hear the views of a wide range of stakeholders.

We are also taking this opportunity to highlight some amendments that we would like to make to the Scheme.