Energy Company Obligation (ECO) templates: new and updated

Publication date
22nd May 2014
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This page provides details of Ofgem templates which we have produced or updated to reflect suggestions from the ECO Reporting Working Group.

Appendix 1 of the Delivery Guidance lists the documents and data that an energy company will need to make available to an Ofgem auditor or officer for the purpose of an audit or other compliance check.

Some of these requirements can be satisfied through the use of Ofgem templates, which can be found on our pages:

We have produced two new and updated templates based on improvements suggested by the working group:

We encourage energy companies to use the standard templates above. Nevertheless energy companies may still use their own version of these templates (as long as they still meet our requirements and, where relevant, have been agreed with us beforehand).

Before undertaking any work for an energy company, a member of the supply chain should agree with that company directly the version of a template to be used.