ECO Reporting Working Group: standardised templates

Publication date
22nd May 2014
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This page provides details of the standardised templates produced by the ECO Reporting Working Group in order to streamline the reporting process for the supply chain.

The energy companies sometimes require information from the supply chain to satisfy themselves that the measures installed are compliant and meet other legal requirements. The working group has produced some reporting templates to standardise the information collected by energy companies and to simplify the reporting process for the supply chain. Some or all of the information collected in these templates is not required by Ofgem.

You can access the the following standardised reporting templates at the bottom of this page:

  • Declaration of Conformity and Completed Installation – this document enables the customer and installer to sign for the handover of the measure, and make a declaration against a range of energy company requirements. Ofgem has reviewed this and is satisfied that it meets our requirements for (i) handover to customer; (ii) the PAS declaration of conformity; (iii) the declaration of completed installation; and (iv) the reason why 100 percent of a measure was not installed.
  • AWG and Private Domestic Premises Checklist – designed to help installers identify whether a measure meets the relevant AWG and private domestic premises requirements.
  • Landlord or Management Company Permission - designed to help landlord and management companies give their consent for installing ECO measure(s).
  • Landlord or Management Company Permission – multiple premises spreadsheet - designed for use alongside the Landlord or Management Company Permission form where it refers to multiple premises.
  • ECO Consent Statement and Privacy Notice – this document outlines the ways in which a consumers personal data may be processed and who it will be disclosed to. This document allows the consumer to sign to confirm that they are content with their data being shared with the parties listed. Ofgem has reviewed this and is satisfied that it meets our requirements for fair processing as outlined in paragraphs 8.35-8.39 of the ECO2 Guidance: Delivery. The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and Energy Saving Trust (EST) have reviewed this and are satisfied that it meets their requirements for access to the DWP data matching service. 

Additional documents

  • Quality of Documentation - this document provides guidelines on completing ECO documentation, as recommended by the ECO Reporting Working Group.

Energy companies may use their own version of these templates but, at the time of publication, all currently obligated energy companies have agreed to accept these templates if they receive them as evidence, where they have been completed accurately and in full.

We strongly recommend that members of the supply chain discuss which documents they intend to use and any potential additional information requirements with the relevant energy company directly before undertaking any activity.

If you require Word versions of these templates, please contact the energy company funding the measure(s). Please note that should any of these documents be amended, they may not be accepted.

These templates have been produced by the working group which includes Ofgem, DECC, industry participants and Energy UK but they are not official Ofgem documents. The working group developed these forms with industry and considers these to be best practice. Document requirements may change over time. The working group owns these documents and accepts responsibility for maintaining them. Installers and energy companies should continue to ensure that they collect all evidence required to make sure that a measure is an ECO eligible measure.

The documents below are owned by the ECO Reporting Working Group and are not Ofgem Guidance.