Domestic Retail Market Review evaluation survey: 2015 results

Publication date
9th September 2015
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In August 2013, Ofgem published its domestic Retail Market Review (RMR) proposals to promote consumer engagement in the energy market and improve competition between suppliers. As part of the RMR monitoring and evaluation framework, Ofgem commissioned a nationally representative face-to-face survey in Spring 2014 of over 6,000 energy consumers in Great Britain. The aim of the survey was to contribute towards the establishment of a baseline of consumer attitudes and behaviour in the early stages of the RMR interventions.

TNS BMRB repeated the survey on behalf of Ofgem in Spring 2015 to examine any changes in these attitudes and behaviours. This report presents the results of the 2015 domestic RMR evaluation survey, one year on from the 2014 baseline survey.

The full data tables which accompany this report have been included below, but are also published on a separate part of the Ofgem website where the datasets associated with our consumer research are presented together.

We are also publishing two documents which present analysis carried out using the results of the RMR surveys:

  • Analysis of the drivers of tariff comparability and clarity of the annual summary - This examines what is driving or preventing certain aspects of consumer engagement.

  • Retail Market Review: A structural equation modelling analysis - We commissioned an external academic to conduct an independent analysis using the 2014 and 2015 surveys conducted by TNS BMRB. This report analyses interactions between certain variables, and assesses the degree to which they contribute to consumers' level of engagement.