Corporate policy, planning and reporting

Mae’r dudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg.

We publish a range of publications that set out our corporate strategy, our accounts, our approach to data protection and more.

The pages in this section cover the following information areas:

Annual reports – our annual reports and accounts.
Corporate strategy and planning – includes our Forward Work Programme, detailing our main themes and priorities for the coming year and providing financial data and information on our planned deliverables and performance indicators for the year ahead.
Equality and diversity – our approach to equality and diversity within the workplace.
Data protection – how we act in accordance with data protection legislation and our promise to people whose data we hold.
Records (information) management – our policy on managing information and ensuring it remains available to the public.

Under the Enterprise Act (2016), we also report against an annual ‘Business Impact Target’. This shows the cost or benefit of our policies and practices. It supports the Government’s aim to reduce the cost of regulation to business. Find out more and view the reports in our Transparency section.