Statutory Consultation on licence changes for the Switching SCR: Standard conditions of Electricity Supply Licence and Standard conditions of Gas Supply Licence

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Industry sector

Supply and Retail Market

Licence type

  • Electricity Supply Licence
  • Gas Supplier Licence


This statutory consultation sets out the proposed changes to certain licence conditions, including standard licence conditions (SLCs), to properly reflect the changes being brought about by the Switching Significant Code Review in the licences. This will ensure, for example, that the licences have introduced the necessary code requirements to enable faster, more reliable switching (the Switching Programme).

This is a statutory consultation in accordance with the Gas Act 1986 and Electricity Act 1989, concerning our proposals to modify the following licences:

  • Standard conditions of Electricity Supply Licence
  • Standard conditions of Gas Supply Licence

The subsidiary documents set out the proposed changes against the up to date version of the consolidated licence conditions available on our website at the time of publishing, the definitive sources for which (not including the changes proposed in this consultation) are available on the Electronic Public Register.

We would like views from holders of these licences. We would also welcome responses from any other interested stakeholders and the public, although areas of this consultation are technical in nature and might require a degree of specialist knowledge around the detail of energy licence conditions and retail codes framework in order to fully engage.

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Nicola Garland