Ofgem E-Serve's role on the ECO scheme


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Ofgem E-Serve is the administrator of the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. As the administrator of the ECO scheme, we: 

  • allocate targets to obligated suppliers
  • monitor progress and assess whether a supplier has met its obligations
  • commission audits, and monitor compliance with scheme requirements
  • investigate concerns in relation to scheme misuse, abuse and allegations of fraud
  • report to the Secretary of State.

In support of the functions noted above, we also:

  • produce comprehensive guidance documents
  • engage with consumers, installers and suppliers. 

What we do not do

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) sets the overall policy direction and writes the ECO scheme and legislation. You can contact BEIS at enquiries@beis.gov.uk.

We have no oversight of the contractual arrangements between suppliers and those that install energy efficiency measures on their behalf. As such, our ability to become involved in any contractual dispute in the supply chain is very limited. 

Similarly, we will never endorse a particular product, company or individual within the ECO supply chain or in relation to the other schemes we administer. If we become aware that our logo has been falsely used, or a claim is made that we have endorsed a product or service, appropriate action will be taken to address this.

We would encourage anyone who becomes aware of the false use of our name or logo to contact either the ECO Operations team or Ofgem E-Serve’s Counter Fraud team. You can also find details on Ofgem’s whistleblowing policy on our website.