ENSTROGA customers: Your questions on new supplier E.ON Next


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Supply and Retail Market

We have appointed E.ON Next to take on the 6,000 domestic customers of ENSTROGA, which is ceasing to trade.

This appointment took effect on 3 October 2021.

This guide will answer some of your questions on what happens now.

Your supply

Your contract

Switching supplier

Accounts in debt or credit

Payments through direct debit

Smart meters

Complaints and contacts


E.ON Next will contact ENSTROGA customers with more information about their contract, tariff and any credit owed. If your question isn't answered here, you should contact the E.ON Next customer contact team.


Further help and advice

If your question isn’t answered here and you have concerns about your energy supply, problems or complaints, you can contact:

Citizens Advice if you are based in England and Wales.

Advice Direct Scotland if you are based in Scotland.

Ofgem's role

You can read more about our powers to protect consumers when suppliers go out of business in our guidance: Supplier of Last Resort process.