Domestic RHI Annual Report 2020-2021

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Domestic RHI

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (DRHI) annual report covers scheme activity during 2020-21. It presents statistics on the installations accredited, payments made to participants, provides a summary of our audit and compliance programme and also outlines changes to the scheme’s regulations.

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  • 11,586 applications were granted accreditation in 2020-21, bringing the total number of accreditations to 87,337.
  • Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) accounted for the majority (83.8%) of accreditations in 2020-21 and 62.1% of accreditations throughout the scheme’s lifetime.
  • Amongst the heating systems replaced by DRHI installations since the start of the scheme, 42,928 were fossil fuel powered boiler systems and 16,227 storage heaters. Additionally, 17,016 systems were installed in custom builds where no heating system was being replaced.
  • To date a total of 5,834.88 GWh of renewable heat has been generated by accredited installations. We estimate that by the time the scheme ends, accredited installations will have produced carbon savings in the region of 5.3 Mt CO2.
  • A total of 317,896 payments were made to scheme participants throughout 2021-21 worth £144.6 million. This brings the total payments made since the start of the scheme to £673.2 million.
  • As well as providing assurance on the payments we make, our audit work during 2020-21 resulted in the protection of over £700,000 in public funds.

Please note: For those wishing to look at the data used in the report in more detail, a spreadsheet with this information is published below.