Update on the midata in energy programme

Publication date
27th May 2020
Information types
Policy areas

This letter provides an update to stakeholders on the work that has been done on the midata in energy (midata) programme since our last update, changes to the primary use case for midata, and our decision to pause the programme for the current financial year (2020/21).

Our research has confirmed that midata can be an effective tool in helping consumers make better, informed decisions about using their energy, and engage in the market with more confidence. Our work to improve existing data access arrangements also showed that more needs to be done to help consumers realise the value from their energy consumption data, and that midata can contribute to this by facilitating a central data access route for third parties.

Work on midata has been paused for 2020/21, as we recognise that there are a number of programmes in train across the industry that will also impact industry data availability and quality.

We see midata as a key tool in our work to protect current and future energy consumers. In the context of Ofgem's broader ongoing strategic work to transform the retail energy market, midata would add value to our consumer protections while helping consumers to more easily and confidently navigate that transformation.