Simplification Plan 2014-15

Publication date
30th June 2014
Information types
Policy areas

Better Regulation is an important consideration in everything we do. In all our decision making we have to think about whether the way we regulate meets the Better Regulation principles of being transparent, accountable, proportionate, consistent and targeted.

We are accountable to our stakeholders and so every year we are required by law to report on the progress we have made to remove regulatory burdens that we consider have become unnecessary. We use this opportunity to report more generally on what we have done and on what we plan to do to improve our regulation.

This document is our annual Simplification Plan. It shows what we have done over the past year and what we plan to do in the year ahead, to ensure that the principles of Better Regulation remain central to our work.

We asked stakeholders for views to help shape the Plan between April and June 2014. We received eight responses which are available from the links below. Our views on issues raised in those responses are included in the Appendix to the Plan.

We welcome comments and suggestions on our Better Regulation work. If you have suggestions or ideas please contact Mark Wagstaff.