Request for modification of Special Condition AA of E.ON’s and Uniper’s Electricity Generation Licences

Publication date
30th November 2016
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Policy areas

On 12 September 2016 the E.ON SE corporate group completed the spin-off of a majority shareholding in its subsidiary company Uniper, thereby creating a new corporate entity known as Uniper SE. As a result of the spin-off E.ON UK plc has written to us to requesting changes to its and Uniper UK Ltd’s Electricity Generation licences.

E.ON UK considers that, as a consequence of the spin-off, the Electricity Generation Licences held by the E.ON SE corporate group should no longer be subject to Special Condition AA: Liquidity in the Wholesale Electricity Market, and that the Electricity Generation Licence held by Uniper UK Ltd should no longer be subject to Schedule B of the Special Condition.

This letter sets out the background to E.ON’s request and explains our reasons for consenting to it. To give effect to the changes, pursuant to Paragraph AA.1 of the Special Condition, we have published today two Directions – one covering the Electricity Generation Licensees in the E.ON SE corporate group, and one for Uniper UK Ltd. We have considered our statutory duties and in particular our principal objective in making this decision.