ECO3 Technical and Score Monitoring Question Set Consultation

Publication date
22nd November 2018
Closing date
6th December 2018
Policy areas

This consultation sets out the proposed changes to the ECO technical and score monitoring question set.

Suppliers are required to conduct technical and score monitoring inspections on ECO measures to ensure the required standards of installations are met and measures are scored accurately. More information on the ECO3 monitoring requirements can be found in Chapter 8 of the draft ECO3 Guidance: Delivery.

The monitoring process will not be changing for ECO3 but we are seeking feedback on the question set used in the monitoring process.  

This document sets out the following in relation to the ECO2t question set:

  • which of the questions should be retained for ECO3,
  • which of the questions need to be updated for ECO3, and
  • which of the questions can be removed for ECO3.

It also considers whether there are any questions which should be introduced for ECO3.

We would also like to receive feedback on:

  • whether the questions should be applied at the mid installation stage, post installation phase or both,
  • whether the ‘N/A’ and ‘Unable to validate’ options are appropriate for each question, and
  • the appropriateness of remote re-inspections.

Stakeholders should provide any feedback to us by 6 December 2018. Please send your response to

The question set will be updated for ECO3 using this feedback and suppliers should use these updated questions from Quarter 2 onwards. Suppliers should use the ECO2t question set for Quarter 1 of ECO3 (October, November and December 2018) which can be found on our website.