Decision on UK Power Distribution Limited’s Safety and Security of Supplies Enquiry Service Statement

Publication date
28th February 2017
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Policy areas

Standard licence condition (“SLC”) 8 of the Licence requires that the licensee has in force an approved statement that sets out details of the Safety and Security of Supplies Enquiry Service.

On 14 March 2016 we approved UK Power Distribution Ltd’s Safety and Security of Supplies Statement. We recognised however that they had submitted the statement in advance of commencing operations as an Independent Network Operator (IDNO). We noted that once UK Power Distribution Ltd had begun to operate we expected them to carry out a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of their enquiry service, and consider how other network operators fulfil their obligation and what stakeholders consider to be best practice. We therefore requested that UK Power Distribution Ltd update and resubmit their statement within a year of their licence being granted.

UK Power Distribution Ltd have given us the assurance that they have taken steps to ensure that their security of supplies enquiry service meets the industry’s best practice. On that basis, we have decided to approve the statement. Please note that we may take further action if we receive any indication that UK Power Distribution Ltd’s security of supplies enquiry service is not meeting the requirements of SLC 8.