Decision on modifications to the Special Conditions and Standard Special Conditions of the Gas Transporter Licence held by National Grid Gas Plc and the Gas Distribution Network Operators

Publication date
18th December 2019
Information type
Policy area

On 7 November 2019 we published a statutory consultation on a proposal to modify Special Condition 11H and Standard Special Conditions B7 and B8 of the gas transporter licence held by National Grid Gas plc, and Special Condition 4D and Standard Special Conditions D17 and D18 of the gas transporter licence held by the Gas Distribution Network Operators. The consultation proposed to maintain obligations relating to provision of traditional gas meters and metering services (MPOLR and BMPOLR), ensuring that customers are protected during the transition to smart metering.

We received four responses.

Following consideration of these responses, we have decided to maintain our minded-to position and modify the above licence conditions. These licence modifications will take effect from 13 February 2020.