Decision on modifications to future Offshore Transmission Licences

Publication date
27th November 2020
Information types
Policy areas

The Authority published our decision on proposed modifications to existing offshore transmission (OFTO) licences on 17 November 2020 (the Decision).  This followed a statutory consultation in August 2020 under section 11A of the Electricity Act 1989 (the Consultation). The modifications to which the Consultation and decision related fell into three main groupings, including modifications for all OFTO licences to Amended Standard Condition E12-J3 (the IAE Condition).

Alongside the Consultation for existing licences, the Authority sought views on proposed modifications to the IAE Condition in future OFTO licences, including an additional modification related to the threshold amount for income adjusting events. 

Following careful consideration of the responses to our Consultation, we have decided to implement the IAE Condition licence modifications, including modifications to the threshold amount, in future OFTO licences. These modifications will be introduced into all OFTO licences issued after the date of this decision.

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