Charging Futures Forum

Publication date
4th August 2017
Information types
Policy areas

In our TCR consultation,  we announced our plans to establish a Charging Coordination Group to help steer the various related ongoing charging reviews. Respondents to the consultation were generally supportive of this proposal.

We have decided that the arrangements should cover the existing industry-led charging reviews and certain elements of Ofgem’s work. We present further details of the structure and functions in a letter below. We have decided to name the arrangements the Charging Futures Forum (CFF). This is to reflect its central role in keeping stakeholders up-to-date and giving them the opportunity to influence the work undertaken. Our decision letter is published below.

Lead secretariat

We have decided to appoint NGET in its capacity as System Operator (SO) as the lead secretariat as part of its SO role. We have set out details in appendix 1 below. We would expect secretariats for the existing reviews to continue to provide support for the elements of those reviews that continue under the CFF