Gas Network Innovation Competition

As part of the RIIO price controls we introduced the Gas Network Innovation Competition (NIC).

The Gas NIC is an annual opportunity for Gas network companies to compete for funding for the development and demonstration of new technologies, operating and commercial arrangements. Funding will be provided for the best innovation projects which help all network operators understand what they need to do to provide environmental benefits, reduce costs, and maintain security of supply as Great Britain (GB) moves to a low carbon economy. Up to £20 million per annum is available through the Gas NIC.

The 2019 Competition

We received two submissions to this year’s Gas NIC Initial Screening Process.

The following project will be allowed to proceed to Full Submission:

H21 - Northern Gas Networks

This project aims to expand the safety-based evidence for 100% hydrogen conversion in the below 7 bar GB gas distribution network. 

The following project was not eligible to proceed to Full Submission:

Captivate - National Grid Gas Transmission

This project intends to develop a large scale demonstrator to evaluate a process to capture emissions from a NG Compressor Site, combining with waste material from the chlorine industry and “locking” the emissions into a mineral rock which has uses in the aggregate and building industries. The project will tackle all technical challenges and build on the work of an NIA (planned Q1 2019) and a potential BEIS funded project.

This year’s Full Submission deadline will be 3pm on Monday 29 July.

Publications and updates

  • Published: 21st Apr 2016
  • Reports and plans
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Screening submission for 'HyDeploy' from National Grid Gas Distribution.

  • Published: 21st Apr 2016
  • Reports and plans
  • 1 Associated documents
Screening submission for 'Future Billing Methodology' from National Grid Gas Distribution.

  • Published: 9th Mar 2016
  • Decisions
  • 2 Associated documents
Decision that Southern Gas Networks (SGN) Robotics Project funded under the Gas Network Innovation Competition (NIC) should continue beyond the Element 4 Conceptual Design Phase.

  • Published: 1st Mar 2016
  • Closed: 29th Mar 2016
  • Consultations and responses
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In this open letter consultation, we propose licence changes to add a new category ‘Returned Project Revenues’ to the Network Innovation Competition’s Funding Return Mechanism.

  • Published: 8th Feb 2016
  • Guidance
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The submission deadline for this year’s Gas Network Innovation Competition (NIC) Initial Screening Process will be 13 April 2016.

  • Published: 12th Jan 2016
  • Open letters and correspondence
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Gas Network Innovation Competition funding direction setting out the amounts to be raised through NTS Transportation Owner Charges in 2016/17 to cover the cost of this year’s successful projects.

  • Published: 1st Dec 2015
  • Factsheets
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This brochure describes the projects we have funded through this year's electricity and gas Network Innovation Competitions.

  • Published: 30th Nov 2015
  • Decisions
  • 2 Associated documents
Our decision on which projects we will fund under the 2015 Gas Network Innovation Competition.

  • Published: 28th Jul 2015
  • Decisions
  • 3 Associated documents
This letter advises stakeholders that version 2.1 of the NIC Governance Documents have come into force. It also describes the main changes we have made since we consulted on the documents.

  • Published: 25th Jun 2015
  • Consultations and responses
  • 8 Associated documents
This notice explains our proposed changes to the Network Innovation Competition (NIC) Governance Document.