Metering is a central issue in the gas and electricity markets. It is an important area of our work, where we have a range of core regulatory functions in relation to metering. This includes regulating the rollouts of advanced and smart metering, and certain aspects of how network companies price metering services to protect consumers as competition develops.

Smart metering

The smart meter rollout in Great Britain is underway and aims to have around 53 million smart gas and electricity meters fitted in over 30 million premises (households and businesses) in Great Britain by the end of 2020.

Ofgem provides regulatory oversight for the rollout and,  with the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), is working to ensure the rollout results in the best possible outcomes for consumers.

If you are an energy supplier or an industry member and would like more information about the smart meter rollout, please see:

If you are a consumer and would like more information about smart meters and the rollout, please see: Smart meters: Your rights

Publications and updates

  • Published: 6th Jun 2008
  • Decisions
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This letter summarises the results of Ofgem's consultation on Post-Emergency Metering Services (PEMS) and sets out a final version of the industry guidelines for PEMS.

  • Published: 24th Apr 2008
  • Open letters and correspondence
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See the Review of Competitive Metering - Deferral.

  • Published: 21st Dec 2007
  • Closed: 1st Feb 2008
  • Consultations and responses
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This letter summarises responses to Ofgem's open letter on PEMS of 12 October 2007, sets out Ofgem's current position and requests further information on PEMS activities from operators of Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs).

  • Published: 12th Oct 2007
  • Closed: 2nd Nov 2007
  • Consultations and responses
  • 1 Associated documents
This document sets out Ofgem's interpretation of the current licence arrangements around gas post-emergency metering services (PEMS), and proposes a draft set of PEMS guidelines for consideration by the industry.

  • Published: 9th Jan 2007
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Metering Interoperability Steering Group: Minutes of the 30 October 2006 Meeting 1.

  • Published: 8th Mar 2005
  • Consultations and responses
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Inviting views from suppliers, customers and interested parties on issues raised by National Grid Transcos proposals to restructure its gas metering business.