Our expertise

We’re experts in designing, setting up and delivering large scale programmes in the sustainable energy sector. These programmes are in fields as diverse as renewable heat, renewable electricity, energy efficiency and fuel poverty.

We work with government departments from the early stages of policy development to make sure policy can be turned into schemes that are practical to run.

Since 2009, we’ve established an impressive track record, delivering schemes worth more than £6 billion a year for less than 0.5% of their total value.

We specialise in:

  • Providing support to government: We work closely with government departments, advising them on the practical implications of draft legislation, scheme implementation and ongoing administration. 
  • Effective administration: We develop efficient business processes and IT systems, turning policy into reality. 
  • Creating easy-to-follow guidance: We help scheme participants and suppliers understand their obligations by providing easy-to-interpret guidance. 
  • Ensuring compliance: We create compliance frameworks and audit strategies to make sure scheme participants and suppliers are meeting their obligations. 
  • Delivering value for money: Our Operational Excellence Programme looks at how we can adapt our processes to deliver more effective solutions and cost savings. This ensures value for money for consumers. 
  • Fraud prevention: Our counter fraud team works to detect, prevent and deter fraud across the environmental or social programmes we administer. We work to ensure public money is used properly and to maintain the integrity of these schemes.