We believe that engaging with stakeholders when designing and delivering schemes brings real benefits to how we administer our schemes.

Our forums and groups are intended to gather contributions from a range of stakeholders on the main operational and delivery issues in ECO4.

ECO reporting working group   

This group was established to encourage more consistency and standardisation in the information that obligated suppliers collect from the supply chain about ECO measures.

Members of this group are from Suppliers and the Supply Chain and take place on a needs basis.

The sub-groups are chaired by Ofgem and has it's own terms of reference.

We plan is to run these meetings during ECO4 as well and will be in touch with attendees in due course.

Please see our page on the ECO Reporting Working Group.

ECO quarterly supplier forum 

The ECO quarterly supplier forum is chaired by Ofgem and was established to make sure that compliance and delivery issues relating to the scheme are communicated effectively between Ofgem and obligated suppliers.

The group explores ways to mitigate risks and resolve issues raised through the group, referring matters to other ECO stakeholder forums as appropriate.

Core topics that the group consider are:

  • Aggregated supplier progress towards ECO targets
  • Measure notifications, processing and approval issues
  • Quality and standards, including technical monitoring, audit activity, and PAS 2030 and 2035
  • Delivery risks and issues
  • ECO4 guidance developments.

ECO industry fraud prevention & compliance committee

This committee was established to provide a forum for Ofgem, obligated energy suppliers and other industry representatives to discuss fraud and compliance risks associated with the ECO scheme. It also agrees mitigating actions to reduce the risk of fraud. Outputs from this meeting are not made public.

We take allegations of fraud against the scheme very seriously. To find out how to report suspected fraud, and our role in preventing it, please see our section on Counter Fraud.


If you’d like any more information on these groups, then please contact us at eco@ofgem.gov.uk.