ECO forums and working groups

We believe that engaging with stakeholders when designing and delivering schemes brings real benefits.

Our forums are intended to gather contributions from a range of stakeholders on the main operational and delivery issues in ECO.

ECO stakeholder delivery group

The main aim of this group is to provide an interactive forum for industry and consumer representatives to share good practice, highlight delivery issues, and develop ideas to improve and simplify delivery. This group is run on a quarterly basis, with Ofgem and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) chairing the group alternately.

ECO reporting working group

This group was established to encourage more consistency and standardisation in the information that obligated suppliers collect from the supply chain about ECO measures.

There is a supplier sub-group as well as a supply chain sub-group. These run on an ad-hoc basis, with issues referred to either sub-group on a case by case basis. The sub-groups are chaired by Ofgem.

ECO supplier forum

The main aim of this group is to discuss issues and risks related to suppliers’ ongoing compliance with the requirements of the ECO legislation. The group explores ways to mitigate risks and resolve issues raised through the group, referring matters to other ECO stakeholder forums as appropriate. The forum operates on a quarterly basis and is chaired by Ofgem.

ECO industry fraud prevention & compliance committee

This group was established to provide a forum for Ofgem, obligated energy suppliers and other industry representatives to discuss fraud and compliance risks associated with the ECO scheme. It also agrees mitigating actions to reduce the risk of fraud. Outputs from this meeting are not made public.

We take allegations of fraud against the scheme very seriously. To find out how to report suspected fraud, and our role in preventing it, please see our section on Counter Fraud.

Any questions?

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