The ongoing obligations are effectively your responsibilities in relation to you, your property and your heating system.

You must comply with these in order to continue to receive payments and avoid other enforcement action. You'll need to complete Annual declarations every year to confirm to us that you’re continuing to follow the scheme rules and your ongoing obligations, so that we can pay you the correct amount of money for the renewable heat your heating system produces. We’ll send you a reminder by email when these are due. You can complete these on your MyRHI account. Make sure that you complete them in time or we may have to suspend your payments.

The ongoing obligations can be split into six sections:

  • Ongoing obligations: your responsibilities - These ongoing obligations apply to everybody accredited on the scheme and relate to your heating system’s ongoing eligibility to receive payments.
  • Ongoing obligations: changes to your heating system - These are the ongoing obligations that apply to you if something that you provided information on in your application changes. They outline all changes we must be informed of.
  • Ongoing obligations: biomass boilers or stoves - These are the ongoing obligations that are relevant only if you have a biomass boiler or stove.
  • Ongoing obligations: metering - This section outlines the specific ongoing obligations that apply to you if you have had meters installed.
  • Ongoing obligations: provision of information - This section outlines your responsibility to keep any relevant information relating to your heating system and to provide it if requested. 
  • Ongoing obligations: non-compliance and sanctions - This section sets out the action we could take if we find out you’re not complying with your ongoing obligations.

Throughout your membership on the scheme there’s also a chance that we may carry out an audit check to make sure that you’re complying with these ongoing obligations. See our webpage on Audit checks for more information.

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