RIIO-T1 price control

Publications and updates

  • Published: 27th Mar 2018
  • Closed: 30th Apr 2018
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Consultation on the common methodology that details how Ofgem will implement the NOMs incentive mechanism that sits within the network companies’ licences.

  • Published: 19th Feb 2018
  • Closed: 19th Mar 2018
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Notice relating to a modified set of electricity transmission regulatory instructions and guidance (RIGs) and reporting templates for 2017-18 annual reporting.

  • Published: 30th Jan 2018
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Letter on SP Transmission’s VIEW policy to reduce the visual impact of pre-existing transmission infrastructure in National Parks and National Scenic Areas.

  • Published: 19th Dec 2017
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Report showing the performance of the electricity transmission network companies in 2016-17, the fourth year of the current RIIO-ET1 price control.

  • Published: 4th Aug 2017
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Notice to decision relating to treatment of Fleetwood capacity obligation and price control funding.

  • Published: 28th Jun 2017
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Decision to modify the Price Control Financial Handbook held by Network Work Operators

  • Published: 8th Jun 2017
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Direction notice to modify National Grid’s electricity transmission licence for new outputs to reduce the impact of pre-existing transmission lines in nationally designated landscapes.

  • Published: 8th Jun 2017
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This letter explains the reasons for accepting modified Network Output Measures (NOMs) Common Methodology.

  • Published: 26th May 2017
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Our RIIO (Revenue = Incentives + Innovation + Outputs) price control framework gives a greater focus on outputs and associated secondary deliverables. Secondary deliverables are leading indicators which enable us to monitor companies’ long-term...

  • Published: 28th Apr 2017
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This direction sets out the modifications we are making to the Electricity Transmission Regulatory Instructions and Guidance (RIGs) for 2016/17 annual reporting.