RIIO-ED1 price control

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  • Published: 18th Dec 2018
  • Decisions, Guidance
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We issued a notice on 3 November 2018, proposing changes to the Stakeholder and Consumer Vulnerability Incentive (SECV) guidance. We have considered the responses we received and this direction formally issues the SECV Guidance document.

  • Published: 22nd Oct 2018
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Decision to modify the electricity distribution licence held by SHEPD in respect of costs associated with the Extended Interim Energy Solution for Shetland

  • Published: 27th Mar 2018
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This letter outlines the treatment of costs in respect of the Co-Operative Energy Limited Last Resort Supply Payment claim to DNOs.

  • Published: 17th Oct 2017
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Decision on the applications received to the first Innovation Roll-out Mechanism window in RIIO-ED1 that opened in May 2017

  • Published: 26th Sep 2017
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Update to stakeholders that we will publish our decision on applications to the first window of the RIIO-ED1 Innovation Roll-out Mechanism in October 2017.

  • Published: 28th Jul 2017
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Our Decision following review and consultation to modify the Pension Regulatory Instructions and Guidance.

  • Published: 28th Jun 2017
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Decision to modify the Price Control Financial Handbook held by Network Work Operators

  • Published: 27th Jun 2017
  • Closed: 25th Jul 2017
  • Consultations and responses
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Consultation on Innovation Roll-out Mechanism submissions from SP Energy Networks and UK Power Networks to fund new technologies.