Decision to issue Good Energy Limited and Good Energy Gas Limited an enduring derogation for renewable Standard Variable Tariffs from the Default Tariff Cap


On 6 November 2018 alongside our decision to implement the default tariff cap licence condition we published our guidance on the process for requesting a derogation from the default tariff cap for renewable tariffs.

On 1 January 2019 we published our decision to issue Good Energy and Good Energy Gas a temporary derogation from complying with standard licence condition 28AD of its gas and electricity supply licences for certain tariffs. This temporary derogation enabled the Licensee during the specific time period of the derogation to charge above the rates set by the default tariff cap for the Standard Variable Tariffs for which it applied for a derogation (the “Relevant Tariffs”). These are listed in Schedule 1 of the decision. On 31 March 2019 we published our decision to extend the temporary derogation until 1 September 2019.

The decision document sets out our decision to issue an enduring derogation for the tariffs specified. The Directions shall remain in force for the lifetime of the default tariff cap unless revoked or varied in writing earlier by the Authority.

Whilst we have provided an enduring derogation from complying with the default tariff cap licence condition, we have not assessed whether these tariffs provide good value to consumers, and we have not assessed whether the renewable costs or overall costs incurred by the Licensee have been efficiently incurred.

Update 9 January 2024:

We have today published a decision to amend Good Energy's existing enduring derogation for Good Energy Electricity SVT (Single and Multi-Rate) to add the following tariff: Good Energy Standard (Smart EV).