Switching Programme Significant Code Review: Retail Energy Code v3.0

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We are consulting on the schedules to the Retail Energy Code (REC) that enable Faster, More Reliable Switching. This involves inserting a number of new schedules into the REC at v3.0, and updating a small number of schedules which will have been part of REC v2.0. Some of the changes we are proposing would require changes to other codes, which will be consulted on in the coming weeks.

We are also consulting on v3.0 of the Data Specification, which is an incremental update to v2.0, which was consulted on in December 2020. The incremental changes are related to new capabilities which will be established within REC v3.0 such as the new switching arrangements, Gas Enquiry Service arrangements and consequential changes to existing data.

We would like views from parties to the affected codes, as well as people with an interest in the switching programme. We also welcome responses from consumer groups. While we would further welcome responses from other stakeholders and the public, large portions of this consultation are highly technical in their nature and will require some prior understanding of the technical detail and the context of retail energy codes and the future switching arrangements. 

Note: We have taken the view that consultation on the ‘consequential changes’ relating to the Switching Programme SCR should be deferred for a few weeks. We will work closely with code bodies to complete this process and intend to publish this package 4-6 weeks following the publication of this consultation. Comments on the consequential changes will be requested by 30 July 2021, which is also the closing date for this consultation. This means that any parties who feel that they need to see the consequential change drafting in order to be able to properly respond to this consultation will be able to do so.

Update 9 April 2021: Paragraph 4.16 of the consultation document has been amended (page 31). The version originally published incorrectly stated that the service definition had been drafted on the basis that CR-D064 was approved. This should have read CR-D063. The consultation document has been corrected accordingly.



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