Consultation on our proposed approach in circumstances where an interconnector projects’ cap and floor regime start date has been delayed due to force majeure events in the pre-operational period

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Transmission Network

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Electricity Interconnector Licence


This consultation sets out our proposed approach to providing a means for cap and floor interconnector projects that have encountered delays, caused by force majeure events, during the pre-operational period to request a later regime start date for the Authority’s consideration. It includes a statutory consultation on proposed modifications to the standard conditions of the electricity interconnector licence and to the special conditions of the licences held by Nemo Link Limited (Nemo Link), National Grid IFA 2 Limited (IFA2) and National Grid North Sea Link Limited (NSL). We are interested in your views on our proposals to:

  • Insert a new standard condition 26A (Delay to Regime Start Date caused by Pre-Operational Force Majeure) into Section G of the electricity interconnector licence; and
  • Make a small number of minor modifications to the licences held by Nemo Link, IFA 2 Limited (IFA2) and NSL.

We are also seeking views on our proposal to put in place a complementary process for considering requests submitted before licence conditions implementing the cap and floor regime take effect in the licence granted to an affected licensee. This process largely mirrors the mechanism contained in proposed new standard condition 26A.

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Ikbal Hussain

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