Our structure

Mae’r dudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg.

In order to effectively carry out our duties we are divided into a number of divisions and functions. These divisions sit under the Chief Executive of Ofgem Group and the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (GEMA), headed by our Chair.

Biographies: members of GEMA

Biographies: Partners and Directors

The Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (GEMA) is our governing body and comprises our Chair, our Chief Executive, one Executive Director  and six Non-Executive Directors.

Corporate Affairs consists of our City and Investor Relations, External Relations and Communications teams.

Corporate Functions comprises our Finance, Human Resources, Building Services, Project Management and  Information Management and Technology operations.

Electricity transmission is responsible for the regulation of energy transmission networks, including the RIIO-T1 network price control, and managing the commercial tender process and regulatory framework for offshore transmission

Smarter Grids and Governance: Distribution is responsible for the regulation of gas and electricity distribution networks, including the RIIO-GD1 and RIIO-ED1 network price controls.

Markets are responsible for the regulation of gas and electricity markets, both wholesale and retail, including our Retail Market Review and the transition to smarter energy markets.

Sustainable Development carries out detailed research into consumers and the consumer landscape and is also responsible for monitoring industry progress on issues such as carbon emissions and renewable energy generation.

Ofgem E-Serve consists of three units with the following responsibilities:

  • Schemes – delivers environmental programmes on behalf of government
  • Legal – our group legal function
  • Process Improvement – our project development and improvement team

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This organisational flowchart details the senior management team of Ofgem.

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Download photographs of our Chairman and CEO.