Protecting and empowering consumers in vulnerable situations

Mae’r dudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg.

Ofgem works to make a positive difference for energy consumers. Our principle objective is to protect the interests of existing and future energy consumers. This includes consumers who are in vulnerable circumstances. For example, of pensionable age, have a disability, are chronically sick, on low incomes, living in rural areas.

Ofgem’s Consumer Vulnerability Strategy

Our Consumer Vulnerability Strategy explains how we define vulnerability and outlines our priorities to help protect gas and electricity consumers in vulnerable situations until 2025. We will focus on five themes including data, affordability, customer service, innovation and partnership working to drive improved outcomes for consumers in vulnerable situations.

In October 2019, we published our updated strategy.  The strategy is based on comprehensive stakeholder engagement and a consultation period.

Find out more in our Consumer Vulnerability Strategy section.

Ofgem’s focus

To help protect and empower consumers in vulnerable situations,  we are focusing our activities in the following areas. Select a link to find out more and to see our associated publications

Engaging with others

We work with a diverse range of stakeholders including national and local consumer groups, energy supply and distribution companies, government, others regulators and academics, to ensure that our policy-making and decisions are well-informed and appropriately targeted.  

Find out more in How we engage.

Publications and updates

  • Published: 1st Sep 2020
  • Closing: 2nd Oct 2020
  • Consultations and responses
  • 2 Associated documents
This statutory consultation outlines our proposals to extend the current protections for restricted meter customers to 30 June 2025.

  • Published: 3rd May 2018
  • Closed: 31st May 2018
  • Consultations and responses
  • 4 Associated documents
This consultation outlines our proposal requiring suppliers to facilitate data matching to identify those eligible for an extended vulnerable safeguard tariff.

  • Published: 20th Dec 2017
  • Closed: 31st Jan 2018
  • Consultations and responses
  • 26 Associated documents
Providing financial protection to more vulnerable consumers.

  • Published: 7th Dec 2017
  • Decisions
  • 3 Associated documents
Decision to modify the standard conditions of the supply licences to regulate charges for domestic customers who receive the Warm Home Discount (WHD).