Workstream nine (WS9): Technological innovation and growth

About Workstream nine (WS9)

WS9 is committed to bringing together all stakeholders with an interest in, and who will benefit from, growth and innovation in the UK’s smart grid supply chain. We will look to these members to address issues of common interest that will reduce barriers and expand opportunities.  

In undertaking our work we will apply flexibility in the definition of “smart grid”, but intend to address matters that support effective supply chain response to the challenges of the energy trilemma of sustainability, security of supply and affordability for all. 

We expect to focus on the electricity vector but will consider touch points with other vectors, where appropriate.

We have three active work groups addressing: 

  • the smart grid technology supply chain
  • the application of the European Smart Grid Architecture Model
  • horizon scanning.

Our objectives

  • Support the goal of ensuring that the UK smart grid supply chain, including SMEs, is able to innovate and support the development of smart grids so that UK industry and consumers benefit from the growth opportunities that arise.
  • Establish WS9 as a cross industry and government UK platform to raise and address common smart grid supply chain issues. 
  • Develop and openly communicate its work on supply chain issues to the Smart Grid Forum and participating stakeholders. It will, in particular, gain an understanding of the existing issues and barriers that might be constraining the growth of the supply chain. It will seek to ensure that this understanding is broadly based by drawing on the contributions of its membership and by working in close collaboration with other relevant organisations, including trade bodies representing the sector.
  • Advance the use of tools and standards for enabling supply chain development. WS9 will seek to develop awareness of existing work, identify requirements for study or development and build understanding of how the UK can benefit most from new developments in standards in this sector. In doing this, it will collaborate with relevant industry trade bodies, standards bodies and other appropriate organisations. 

Need help?

You can find out how to get involved in this workstream by contacting Gareth Evans.