Switching Programme External Design Advisory Group (EDAG)

About the advisory group

The External Design Advisory Group (EDAG) provided strategic advice on the design proposals being developed by the four blueprint phase workstreams of the Switching Programme and consisted of delegates from Ofgem and the energy industry, along with consumer representatives. 

Ofgem chaired the monthly meetings during the blueprint phase.

EDAG responsibilities

EDAG was responsible for: 

  • Providing strategic assessment across workstreams 
  • Reviewing and providing guidance on products and deliverables 
  • Assessing proposals prior to their submission to the Design Authority 
  • Providing guidance on which proposals are sufficiently developed to send to the Design Authority. 

The actions of the group are underpinned by the EDAG Terms of Reference.

See a list of EDAG members.

Access meeting agendas, papers and minutes in the publications and updates section below.

Publications and updates