RIIO policy challenge groups

When we first established the RIIO network price control framework, we put greater emphasis on network companies engaging with their stakeholders to ensure consumers are at the heart of their business plans.

Here you can find information and outputs from the independent panels supporting policy development of the RIIO price controls.

RIIO-2 enhanced stakeholder engagement 

For RIIO-2 we want to see further improvements in customer engagement. This is so consumers have a stronger voice in challenging each network company on how their needs and views are accounted for in company business plans, and to drive companies to align their plans with rapidly changing needs.

To this end, we have published guidance on our RIIO-2 enhanced stakeholder engagement policy.

We have also set up an independent RIIO-2 challenge group:

Agendas, presentations and reports from our enhanced engagement can be accessed in the publications feed below.

Network and System Operator groups

Network companies and the electricity system operator have additionally set up their own independently chaired groups:

Gas distribution customer engagement groups

Gas transmission user groups

Electricity transmission user groups

System operator user groups

Key reports

Jan 2020: RIIO-2 Independent Customer Engagement Groups and User Groups report on energy network company business plans for RIIO-2

Jan 2020: RIIO-2 Challenge Group Independent Report to Ofgem

RIIO-1 Consumer Challenge Group 

The Consumer Challenge Group acts as a ‘critical friend’ to Ofgem to help ensure that price control determinations are in the best interests of existing and future consumers.

Members provide inputs and challenge which might not come through other means, such as primary consumer research.

The group is not a decision-making body, but acts in an advisory capacity to help inform our decision making processes.

Consumer Challenge Group members

RIIO working groups and events

For working group information and events supporting each price control, see:

Publications and updates

  • Published: 29th Nov 2018
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations
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See our document which sets out the Terms of Reference for the RIIO-2 Challenge Group.

  • Published: 26th Oct 2018
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations
  • 1 Associated documents
Notice of RIIO-2 Workshop 2 Business Plans on 5 November 2018.

  • Published: 16th May 2018
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations
  • 16 Associated documents
We have added the presentation materials for the latest RIIO-2 stakeholder engagement workshop held on 9 May 2018.

  • Published: 12th Apr 2018
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations
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This is a recording and transcript of the call to RIIO-2 network companies on 7 March 2018.

  • Published: 22nd Mar 2018
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations
  • 5 Associated documents
Slides from the keynote speech by Jonathan Brearley and workshops held at our Future Insights event held 22 March 2018.

  • Published: 22nd Mar 2018
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations
  • 0 Associated documents
View the livestream recording from our Future Insights event held 22 March on the future of the energy networks (RIIO-2).

  • Published: 20th Sep 2017
  • Open letters and correspondence
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This letter sets out our stakeholder engagement plan for the RIIO-2 framework review.