TruEnergy Limited: Provisional Order

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Industry sector

Supply and Retail Market

Licence type

  • Electricity Supply Licence
  • Gas Supplier Licence

On 28 July 2022, the Authority issued a Provisional Order to TruEnergy Ltd, under section 25(2) of the Electricity and Act 1989 (“EA89”) and section 28(2) of the Gas Act 1986 (“GA86”).

The Authority is concerned about TruEnergy’s internal systems and processes for setting direct debits. The Authority is also concerned about the current levels of customer’s direct debit amounts and whether these are reflective of customers' electricity and/or gas consumption.

Therefore, the Authority has taken the decision to issue a Provisional Order to ensure compliance with Standard Licence Condition (“SLC”) 4A.1 (Operational capability) and SLC 27.15 (Provision of Information).

The provisional order requires TruEnergy to commission an independent audit of its direct debit policy and processes, and to review all customer direct debits, making any adjustments as appropriate. Further details of what TruEnergy is required to do, and by when, are contained in the order itself.

Provisional orders are issued in certain circumstances in accordance with the EA89 or GA86 and where certain conditions are satisfied. Further information regarding provisional orders is contained within our Enforcement Guidelines.

We published a Notice of Reasons document on 2 August 2022, explaining in greater detail the rationale for issuing the Provisional Order.