Ten-year review of the Capacity Market Rules - consultation

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Generation and Wholesale Market

The Capacity Market Rules and Regulations require that we review the capacity market rules every five years. The next review of the Capacity Market Rules (the ten-year review) is due to be published this year. This consultation is to inform that review.

This consultation sets out the objectives intended to be achieved by the Capacity Market Rules. We are seeking input and views from stakeholders on whether the rules continue to meet these objectives, whether the objectives remain appropriate, and whether they could be met with less administrative burden. We also want to understand whether there are specific rules which we should investigate in future.

We will not be consulting on specific change proposals in this ten-year review, but the standard Capacity Market Rule change process will continue in parallel. Stakeholders who wish to submit change proposals may continue to submit them to the Capacity Market Advisory Group (CMAG) or directly to Ofgem in accordance with the guidance.

This consultation will close on 19 February 2024. We will review the responses and use them to inform our ten-year review. We will also use it to highlight areas where CMAG scrutiny and analysis could best be directed in future. We will publish our ten-year review by 1 August 2024.

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