Statutory Consultation on Modification to Licence held by National Grid Electricity System Operator in relation to Business Separation

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Transmission Network

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Electricity Transmission Licence


On 14 June 2021, National Grid PLC completed the acquisition of PPL WPD Investments Limited, the holding company of Western Power Distribution. In order to maintain appropriate business separation obligations between the Electricity System Operator (which is part of the National Grid Group) and the acquired distribution licensees, we are proposing modifications to the transmission licence of National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO).

Today, we have provided notice of a statutory consultation on a proposal to modify (a) a definition in special condition 1.1 relevant to special condition 2.3 and (b) special condition 2.7 of NGESO’s transmission licence. The proposed modifications seek to ensure that the scope of NGESO’s existing business separation requirements clearly address the distribution licensees that now also form part of the National Grid Group and provide prohibitions against any undue discriminatory or preferential behaviours that could arise under the business arrangements.

Full details of our proposals can be found in the Notice and supporting annexes.

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