State aid transparency requirements


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Non-Domestic RHI

Some of the environmental schemes that Ofgem E-Serve administers are state aid.

In June 2014 the European Commission adopted transparency requirements for those state aid schemes or awards approved under the Environment and Energy Aid Guidelines. This was done in order to increase accountability and provide an opportunity for the public to be better informed about where and how their money is being spent.  The Non-Domestic and Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) schemes come under these transparency requirements.

For all aid awards at or over €500,000 the Public Authority responsible is required to fill out an online form on the Commission's website regarding the recipient of the award in order for the data to be made publicly available. Ofgem will inform the Commission about payments made on the RHI that, as from 1 July 2016, in total are, or are over, €500,000. Ofgem will carry out the necessary checks on a monthly basis to determine who has received cumulative payments on the RHI at or over €500,000. We will then submit the details to the Commission.

Details of the records that have been submitted to the Commission can be found on their website.