RIIO2 Re-opener Guidance And Application Requirements Version 2


Publication date

Industry sector

  • Transmission Network
  • Distribution Network

Licence type

  • Electricity Transmission Licence
  • Gas Transporter Licence


This document sets out the regulation, governance and administration of the RIIO-2 Re-openers and will take effect from 3 February 2022 and replaces the previous document published on 26 February 2021.

We have consulted on the modifications to the previous Re-opener Guidance and Application Requirements document. The comments we received to this consultation are reflected in the updated Re-opener Guidance And Application Requirements Version 2. The new version should be read in conjunction with Special Condition 9.4 (Re-opener Guidance and Application Requirements Document) of the Gas Transporter and Electricity Transmission licences.

This document and its content are in line with our RIIO2 Final Determinations.