The Retail Energy Code - proposals for version 1.1

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The Retail Energy Code (REC) will govern the new, faster and more reliable switching arrangements, as well as bringing together and updating the governance of existing gas and electricity retail arrangements as part of the Retail Code Consolidation (RCC) Significant Code Review (SCR). The bulk of the new governance arrangements will come into effect in September 2021, while the new switching arrangements will form a further release mid-2022.

In preparation for those new governance arrangements, there are a number of changes which we propose to make to the interim document, which would be given effect as a version 1.1 release. This will also facilitate the early transition of energy theft arrangements to the REC from April 2021.

We would like views from people with an interest in the REC, its delivery and operation. We particularly welcome responses from market participants, those representing consumers’ interests and other stakeholders.

Edit 19th October: We initially published this consultation on 15th October 2020. We are republishing on 19th October 2020 for visibility on the Ofgem daily update. Please note the documents published on the 15th October are the same as those published on the 19th October. The closing date for this consultation has been updated from 13th November to 16th November.

Decision published 17th December 2020: Given overwhelming support for our proposals, we will bring REC v1.1 into force in order to further develop the governance, change management and performance assurance for the REC and to transfer the management of energy theft related schemes to the REC and its governance. We will make these changes to the REC through the change management provisions of REC v1.0 (clause 11), using Ofgem governance groups. Accordingly, we have issued a change request to the Regulatory Group of the Switching Programme. This also includes updated versions of the REC Main Body and Schedules that constitute version 1.1