Response to our ECO2 Technical Requirements Consultation


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We have now published our response document which summarises the stakeholder’s submissions to our ECO2 Technical Requirements Consultation. The response document sets out how we have taken into account these submissions and explains the changes we have made to our proposals.

As a result of this consultation we have introduced the following requirements in these areas:

  • The default lifetime for wall insulation measures delivered without an appropriate guarantee is 0 years.
  • Where certain requirements are met some technical monitoring re-inspections may be undertaken remotely following completion of remedial work.

The new policies outlined for wall insulation measures in this document will apply to all ECO2 measures. The new guidelines set out for remote re-inspections in this document will take effect from the date of publication.

We have set our new requirements and listed the 18 technical monitoring questions that are suitable for remote re-inspection in this response document. We will shortly update our Energy Company Obligation (ECO2): Core Monitoring Questions document and Energy Company Obligation (ECO2): Explanatory notes for monitoring to coincide with further revisions.