Renewables Obligation Quarter 3 Mutualisation payment distribution 2021-22

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We have recently redistributed the Renewables Obligation (RO) Quarter 3 Mutualisation payments in respect of the 2021-22 compliance period. The amount redistributed includes payments received into the England and Wales and Scotland Mutualisation accounts.

Please note the distribution calculation is based on the number of ROCs presented by active suppliers. Any ROCs presented by a supplier which has since exited the market are excluded from this calculation. The number of ROCs presented in the 2021-2022 Renewable Obligation (RO) compliance period by suppliers which are still active was 109,311,985 ROCs. 

Obligation Renewables Obligation Quarter 2 Mutualisation Payment Distribution 2021-22
England and Wales (RO) £27,654,744.00
Scotland (ROS) £1,959,742.00
Total £29,614,486.00