Open letter – guidance on the application of decimal places to the unit rate and standing charge in the Tariff Information Label and consumer bills

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This letter clarifies the requirements for displaying unit rates and standing charges on Tariff Information Labels (“TILs”) provided to consumers. It also addresses recent public concern that some suppliers are quoting unit rates and standing charges in their TILs to a different precision than in consumer bills. This has in some situations resulted in small, but nevertheless important, discrepancies between amounts consumers are expecting to pay and amounts they are actually charged.

If consumers consider that their bill is inconsistent with their TIL, they should contact their supplier to request a review of their bill. We expect energy suppliers to present consumers with accurate tariff information before a consumer enters into a contract. The information provided in the TIL should not result in an underestimate of the consumer’s bill. Also, the information on the consumer’s bill should reflect the information the consumer is provided at the time they entered into a contract.