Ofgem’s Future Insights Paper 6 - Flexibility Platforms in electricity markets

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  • Supply and Retail Market
  • Generation and Wholesale Market
  • Distribution Network
  • Transmission Network

This paper is the sixth in our Future Insights Series, and focusses on the development of Flexibility Platforms in the GB electricity system. The paper looks at the opportunities and challenges that stakeholders are likely to face.

These range from the hurdles to new market entrants, the challenges facing DNOs and the regulatory issues that could be expected to develop over time. The paper envisages a range of future options and discusses their relative merits as well as settling on some key suggestions to support the development of the Flexibility Platform Sector. 

These include, greater interoperability between platforms, improved data sharing arrangements, universal product and asset definitions and a clarified vocabulary.

There are regulatory risks but rather than impose a strict regime at this early stage of development, greater collaboration and cooperation between all interested stakeholders could help to avoid the major regulatory concerns and keep future development open to new entrants and supportive of innovation.