Ofgem's determinations on Tier 2 Contracts for Difference disputes, Allocation Round 4


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Supply and Retail Market


The Electricity Market Reform Delivery Body ("Delivery Body") is responsible for assessing prequalification applications for the Contracts for Difference scheme and issuing its decisions.

If an applicant disagrees with the Delivery Body’s decision, it may ask the Delivery Body to review it – a Tier 1 dispute. Following a Tier 1 review, the appellant can ask us to consider the Delivery Body's decision and make a determination – a Tier 2 dispute.

Our review considers whether the Delivery Body had applied the CfD Regulations and CfD Allocation Framework correctly when making its decision, based on the evidence before it when it did so.

We have a duty to publish our determinations in respect of Tier 2 Contracts for Difference Disputes.