Ofgem opens investigation into Maxen Power Supply Ltd

Press release

Ofgem is launching an investigation into Maxen Power Supply Ltd, focussing on the fair treatment of businesses and the rates they are charged.

The regulator will consider the supplier’s compliance with rules around treating microbusinesses fairly, organisational capability, whether deemed rates are unduly onerous and customer transfer blocking.

Maxen Power Ltd is a UK based non-domestic utilities supplier based in east London.

The investigation will examine whether Maxen Power Supply Ltd is in compliance with the requirements of Standard Licence Conditions (SLC) 0A, 4A, 7.3, 7A and 14.

SLC 0A relates to treating microbusinesses fairly, requiring suppliers to act in a fair, honest, transparent, appropriate and professional manner. SLC 4A requires suppliers to maintain operational capability, particularly to meeting regulatory requirements and mitigate risk to customers.

SLC7.3 provides that where a customer is supplied based on a deemed contract relationship, the supplier is required to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the terms of its deemed contracts are not unduly onerous. SLC 7A relates to the supply to Micro Business consumers, and Finally, SLC 14 prohibits customer transfer blocking.

The opening of an investigation does not imply that Ofgem has made any findings about non-compliance.